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"Marrielle's positive spirit and and amazing energy shine through in her book Magic Thinking for Kids. It's a fun read with delightful illustrations and an important message--you can choose to be happy."                               

~ Donna Stokes, Executive Editor of Live Happy Magazine

This book is absolutely revolutionary in using concepts that kids can understand to not only change their attitudes towards positive thinking, but also allowing them to grasp that they are in control of their feelings! My kids 4 and 7 absolutely love it and it has now become a daily favorite!

~Johnathan Aguero

Marrielle’s debut book, wonderfully illustrated by California artist Steven Celiceo, is a joyous book of affirmations – teaching children how their thoughts and attitude can affect the way they respond to the world and to situations and to other people. Some of the illustrated affirmations include choosing to be happy, a good thinker, a caring friend, a good decision maker, strong inside and out, staying calm, being brave, always trying your best, loving to learn, liking yourself, being confident, helpful, playful, and loving life. Positive affirmations so infectious in thought and images that children will embrace this book as a favorite.

Marrielle closes her book with a section for parents on the power of introducing positive affirmations early for children - and how to implement that concept. Truly a fine and very important book – for us all! Grady Harp, September 18
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

~ Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

Magic Thinking for Kids is a precious little gem:) I have a (almost) 5 year old daughter and she loves me reading it to her and talking about our thoughts. So important in today’s day and age!

~ Tami Reilly 

"Marrielle's introduction to positive affirmations is a self-regulation tool that can change a negative thought to a positive thought, feeling blah to feeling great, and feeling not so sure to feeling confident. Her book is an easy and empowering introduction to affirmations for parents and children."   

~ Jeff Olson, Author of the USA Today best selling book,

The Slight Edge

This book has a wonderful teaching concept to encourage children with positive affirmations. The idea of “magic thinking” is introduced as the main character goes about presenting the idea of positive affirmations that the young reader can practice! For instance, “I choose to stay calm“ or “I always try my best!“ This is a very affirming book!! I believe we need more books like this for the younger generation! Some tips are also included like saying the affirmation “in front of a mirror” or “Stand up and get happy!”

I love the illustrations!! They are very colorful. Our magic thinking young boy wears a magician’s hat and presents a different positive affirmation on each page to different children throughout the book.

I like at the end of the book how there are some tips for parents to help them in creating magical thinking for their kids with their very own positive affirmations!!

Just a sidenote, I worked as a psychiatric nurse in the mental health field for over 25 years. I remember working with my adult patients in the hospital setting helping them to write positive affirmations that they could read at their bedside or say to themselves in front of the mirror. What a great idea to start this positive healthy thought life with children!!

~ K.L.

Great book! My son and I read it together, talking about situations when he might use each affirmation appropriately to help himself approach life with the best, most positive outlook. Love the positivity! paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. ~ Mary Lou Mobley 

Award Winning Author, Jeff Olson, reviews Magic Thinking for Kids with Marrielle Monte
Marrielle receiving CIPA Evvy book award
Marrielle Monte with Deborah Heisz CEO of Live Happy Magazine
A child reading Magic Thinking for Kids to her stuffed animals
A child reading Magic Thinking for Kids in Bali
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