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Live Happy Magazine listed Magic Thinking for Kids as a
Top 5 Book Cheer Up and Gear Up Kids for School! 

Magic Thinking for Kids

This award-winning, interactive book helps children prepare for school and life while promoting emotional independence and a positive mindset. With its bright illustrations and practical examples, this best-selling book teaches the social-emotional skills of being mindful of their thoughts and emotions and how to shift them leading to a better sense of self and a happier life. The book includes a parent-to-parent note in the back to provide children and parents with the valuable skills they need to lead a resilient life and stay motivated. Give your children the confidence and preparation they need to succeed in school with Magic Thinking for Kids.

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 Magic Thinking for Kids Paperback
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Kudos from Kids!

3rd grade review veins to heart.jpg
Magic Thinking for kids is a must have book for kids
3rd grade review zoom and book kitty heart.jpg
A happy child reading Magic Thinking for Kids
3rd grade purpld hats review.jpg
Customer suggesting Magic Thinking for Kids should be in schools and big audiences
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