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Discover a world of social-emotional wellness for kids with Marrielle Monte. Nurture your child's emotional intelligence, resilience, and mental well-being through fun, engaging content and practical exercises.

Marrielle is an award-winning author and children's empowerment expert. Her books, Magic Thinking for Kids and its accompanying coloring book, as well as her Happiness Flip Method, are designed to cultivate emotional intelligence in children with interactive content that helps young minds recognize and manage emotions.

Marrielle's fun and compassionate teaching style help children learn about the importance of emotional regulation and independence, positive thinking, and mindfulness. Through her guidance, children can break free from self-limiting beliefs and realize their full potential. Imagine a world where all children have the power to thrive…

That's the world Marrielle is dedicated to creating!


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Marrielle Monte's passion for spreading emotional well-being and happiness comes from several years of teaching hundreds of elementary school kids a happy dance on the International Day of Happiness. The energy and feedback she receives from the kids after a day of dancing and shouting out affirmations with them inspired the idea of teaching positive thinking and social-emotional skills to all elementary-school-aged children. Magic Thinking for Kids is the result of that energy. Feeling that kids of all ages would benefit from learning how to regulate their emotions and thoughts, Marrielle also created a fun, interactive workshop and program called Empowering Kids.

Celebrating the International Day of Happiness at Saddle Ranch
Elementary School in Colorado!

Live Happy Magazine listed Magic Thinking for Kids as a
Top 5 Book Cheer Up and Gear Up Kids for School! 

Magic Thinking for Kids

This award-winning, interactive book helps children prepare for school and life while promoting emotional independence and a positive mindset. With its bright illustrations and practical examples, this best-selling book teaches the social-emotional skills of being mindful of their thoughts and emotions and how to shift them leading to a better sense of self and a happier life. The book includes a parent-to-parent note in the back to provide children and parents with the valuable skills they need to lead a resilient life and stay motivated. Give your children the confidence and preparation they need to succeed in school with Magic Thinking for Kids.

 Magic Thinking for Kids Paperback
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"Marrielle's positive spirit and and amazing energy shine through in her book Magic Thinking for Kids. It's a fun read with delightful illustrations and an important message--you can choose to be happy."                            ~ Donna Stokes, Executive Editor of Live Happy Magazine

Marrielle's introduction to positive affirmations is a self-regulation tool that can change a negative thought to a positive thought, feeling blah to feeling great, and feeling not so sure to feeling confident. Her book is an easy and empowering emotional regulation tool for parents and kids."   

~ Jeff Olson, Author of the best selling book, The Slight Edge

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